The two important rooms in your home are your kitchen and your bathroom.  The bathroom may not be the 'heart' of the home, but it should certainly be a place to unwind and relax in after a long day.  Or a beautifully well organized place to get ready in as you begin your day.  Whatever part of the day that is important for you your bathroom should be your oasis.

Be it your guest bathroom, the kids' bathroom or your master bathroom we have designs to compliment them all. From tall vanity height to the popular 'furniture' style vanities we can help you choose the one that is just right for you and your needs.

Have extra room in that bathroom but not a lot of storage?  Consider full size linen cabinets for a beautiful and very functional addition to your bathroom.

We have a tendency to think that cabinets are used in just our kitchens and bathrooms.  Not so.  Laundry rooms, wet bar areas, a 'Man Cave', garages and many more areas in  our homes call for and warrant cabinets.  Let your imagine run wild and you will find you can have cabinets in every part of your you find needed.

Our designers and installers have many years of experience in creating a space that is not only beautiful but practical and functional.  So if you have a garage that is in need of organizing, a 'Man Cave' you have been dreaming of or simply a laundry area that is in need of up-dating, let us help you in making this not only a possibility but a reality.

Your 'dream kitchen' shouldn't be just that...a dream.  Let us help you to make it a reality.  Your kitchen is the heart of your home.  With today's open concept design homes your kitchen isn't just the heart of your home but the center attraction.  If you are dreaming of a deep rich wood cabinet or a bright open clean design we have just what you are looking for.  From stains to paints and glazing for that eye catching look, we are here to help you create and have the kitchen of your dreams.  

We are not custom builders, but custom designers, so every kitchen is different just as each of our customers.  We offer several different lines of cabinetry and each line offers a large range of stain, paint and glazing options.  

Don't let the thought of a new kitchen scare you.  Let one of our highly trained and skilled representatives meet with you and discuss with you the options for your dream kitchen.


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